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We enjoy helping people find their dream home, and we're happy to report that more than 3,000 clients are currently renting with us. If you're looking for a new place, we'll assist you with the process from start to finish.

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Rent comfortably and hassle-free

24/7 customer support

We offer 24/7 customer support and a comprehensive property management assistance. Whatever the question or issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reliable insurance

Nothing brings about peace of mind like a solid insurance plan. That’s why we automatically arrange home and liability insurance for all our tenants.

Internet & TV bundles

Since we manage more than 1,450 apartments, we can secure better pricing for internet and TV bundles. This benefit will be yours to enjoy.

Online client zone

The apartment is at your fingertips, thanks to your personal client zone. Reporting a repair or submitting a request has never been easier.

Payment overview

Every month, we'll email you a billing overview. You'll find further information about payments and utility deposits in your client zone.

Rent discount

Know someone who's looking for a new place? Refer them to us and both you and your friend get CZK 1,000 off one rent payment. Talk about win-win.

We’ve got a deal. What’s next?

We'll sign a sublease agreement
We'll complete the handover report
We'll give you the keys to your apartment
We'll insure you and your new apartment
You'll be invited to the online client zone
We're here to help 24/7
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Life happens. Luckily, we’re here to help

Washing machine has broken down? Need assistance in dealing with public authorities, such as the Foreign Police? Whatever the situation, we‘ll help you find a solution.

  • assistance with repairs, emergencies and insurance claims, regular utility and service billing
  • issues with keys and locks, adding a person to your sublease, approval to have a pet in the unit (subject to owner’s consent)
  • securing a proof of accommodation for the Foreign Police, contract renewal and amendments

Save time, money and worries with our Premium plan

Need assistance? We're here for you

Not yet fluent in Czech? No worries, we'll help you when dealing with
repairmen or your local association of unit owners.

Need a break? We are here to help

New beginnings can be costly. We'll let you split your security deposit
into 3 installments and create a payment schedule for you.

We'll adapt to your plans

Looking for another place? You can switch apartments in once a year without a fee and we'll also shorten your notice period to 2 months.

Save up to CZK 28 800 per year
All benefits of the Premium Plan

What does renting made easy look like?

I got a fantastic place at a great price. The contract was the most comprehensible piece of paper I've ever seen and they always stay in touch with you. The only thing is that I was having some issues with my boiler, but the agent assigned to my place, Eva, dealt with it amazingly. In hindsight, the best choice I did since I moved to Czech Republic was getting an apartment from these guys.

Francesco Vellotti, Brno

When we moved in to our apartment due to an unforeseen issue of gas leak in the building, we did not have gas supply for a month. However, our agent Ondrej was on top of his game and ensured that the concern was handled with utmost priority. He is always a phone call or a message away and never neglects his clients which is very important for any tenant.

Bhavya Prem, Brno

Pokud se rozhodujete, zda využít služeb Ideálního nájemcem určitě jim dejte šanci, vyplatí se vám to hlavně z těchto důvodů:
1. Příjemný a profesionální servis ze strany zaměstnanců a podpory
2. Vyřeší za mě veškerou komunikaci s majitelem o opravách v bytě
3. Dlouhodobá jistota bydlení, stačí jen platit nájem :)

Jakub Ševčík, Brno

Ideálního nájemce můžeme rozhodně doporučit. Naprosto profesionální a velice vstřícné jednání. Ve všem nám vyšli maximálně vstříc – např. krátce po podpisu smlouvy se objevil hezčí a větší byt – nebyl problém se domluvit, změnit smlouvu a nastěhovat se rovnou do toho většího bytu. Skutečně "ideální". Moc děkujeme a držíme palce, ať se daří i v těchto nelehkých časech.

Tomáš Masopust, Olomouc

Jsem v podnájmu již přes rok a vše je v naprostém pořádku, již od samotného začátku se nás ujal obchodní zástupce, který vždy se vším pomohl a vyšel vstříc. Co se týče služeb realitní společnosti, vřele doporučuji.

Matěj Weissgrab, Praha